I am Morgan I like to use this as a place I can vent. I have fibromyalgia rheumatoid arthritis and lupus plus other related problems. I've had arthritis symptoms as far bas I can remember but I've been officially diagnosed for about 11 years. As much as I complain I'm really not bitter all the time and if you ever need to talk I'm here. My other blog is stormageddon-smith.
oh and if you want my Skype or kik or have any questions at all feel free to shoot me a message!


my dogs throwing a fit because his blankets  in the wash. 




do you know what literally drives me up the fucking wall?


I’m so done with this fucking website lmfao

Life update

What’s going on right now, Pittsburgh accepted my mom for a lung transplant but the the type of insurance/state of Kansas won’t pay for it her doctors wrote an appeal to the state of Kansas and Pittsburgh to try to work around it but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Colorado is the last option since mayo clinic refused her. The problem with Colorado is the altitude it could cause her lungs to to (rupture?) or collapse or something so they’re really don’t want her there but if it’s their only option then there’s not much of a choice. 

They’re trying to look at other hospitals but I guess there’s not a very big variety to choose from for this case. 

They’re keeping her on the remodulin in the meantime but they can’t keep the PICC line in much longer and the heart line, hickman catheter was a huge painful failure and had to be removed. 

I need to go back up there because I know shes tired of being away from everyone but it’s so expensive not to mention when she does finally get the lung transplant I’ll have to go with her and obviously pay for a plane ticket or gas if I end up driving. 

We’re going to finish getting her room ready this weekend I think, even though it’ll still be a long time before she can come home. 

I’m really trying to handle things well but my body’s finally done with my shit and is entering a pretty intense flare, I can barely walk and am stuck at home all day alone and I’m not doing anything and its making feel really useless there’s so much I need to do. Plus my short term memory is getting scary bad and I’m going through bouts of not know where I am and extrememe confusing and black outs which is what happened when my lupus got really bad, to its worst point last December. 

This means I can’t do the drive to go see my mom anytime soon. I’m just ready for things to be normal again. 

My dog just puked and I’m hurting to much to clean it up and I’m at the point where I just want to throw everything away 

jraliving asked
My name is Lauren, and I have JRA. I live in CT, and am going to be 17 on Nov 6th; I was wondering if anyone in Connecticut knows of any GOOD, ADULT Rhuemies that would consider taking me? Unfortunately, there's only three pediatric Rheumies in the state, and I've had extremely bad encounters with all three and am really looking to change my rheumy. If any one has ANY suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much (I know the chances of an adult one taking me are slim, but still)


Posting for Spoonies in CT — help a Spoonie out! 💙

Endometriosis Is a Social Justice Issue

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